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No stress, no pressure, no obligations. Free from society's idea of what a "picture-perfect" wedding is.

It can be difficult to put yourself first as a couple, especially with pressure from friends, family, and social media breathing down our backs to have a big wedding celebration.

But you deserve to celebrate your wedding your way, exactly as you envision.

That’s what I’m here to capture for you.

Despite what you may have been told... traditional weddings aren’t the only way to get married.

The love you and your partner share is unlike anyone else’s. It’s an experience nobody else will ever fully understand except for the two of you.

And that deserves to be celebrated in a way that accurately reflects who YOU are as a couple, and the things you enjoy and bond over together.

In a world where everything is about moving faster, getting ahead, and always striving for more, I like to shake things up a bit by living as intentionally as possible.

So much of life goes missed, unrecognized, or underappreciated when we focus on moving as quickly as possible. And truthfully, I’m not here for it.

There’s something so beautiful about slowing down to move with intention and refusing to rush through experiences. I believe your wedding day should be the same: time for you and your person to slow down and embrace your love for what it is: meaningful, playful, and uniquely YOU.

Hello! I'm Mary, a photographer passionate about slowing down & embracing your uniqueness.

(Even if it’s against the norm!) 


What are you celebrating?


If you think your elopement has to be small and quick, it does not. Your elopement deserves more than that. My adventure elopement packages are here to give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience for two — with wall-worthy photos to prove it. Ready to see how dreamy eloping can be?




Your life extends far beyond your wedding day. Let me capture the beauty of your everyday moments in the comfort of your own home. While life is short, let's preserve today's memories for generations to come.




Experience the best of both worlds by getting married with your loved ones by your side. Invite your chosen family to a cozy venue or transform your own backyard into an intimate gathering place (my favorite!). Let's make your wedding day cozy and unforgettable!



Kylie & Ben

"Mary is sweet, professional, *talented* and her eye for special moments was oh so spot on. Our wedding was so lovingly encapsulated in rich, skillfully designed and lovingly captured pictures. Moments between friends and family and the details and the excitement and the joy- everything all came rushing back. Mary blew me away and I really hope you get to experience that 'wow' moment just like we did."

Aubrey & Kevin

"Mary was the absolute best photographer we could have gone with! She was so sweet, had so much energy, blended right in with our guests, and overall delivered the most beautiful pictures of our wedding night. Instead of focusing so much on posed moments (though she did a great job at those too), Mary captured the real people and emotion of the day. We couldn’t be more happy we went with her!"

Dee & Alex

"Mary was the perfect photographer for my wedding! She was so professional and took special care to clarify our aesthetic preferences. We have a love of film photography and were so thrilled that Mary was able to take many film photos in addition to digital ones. Everything she did had a personal touch, including delivering prints of the film photos herself! I can't recommend her enough and am so happy with how my photos turned out."

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Mary Andrikus is a Kentucky & destination wedding, elopement & family photographer. Mary strives to create photography experience that you can relax into.

Mary believes that Black Lives matter and always; all bodies are beautiful; and LGBTQ+ individuals should have the right to respect and full equality. Mary does not and shall not discriminate folks of any race, body size, ability, gender identity, creed, sexual orientation, age, religions and national origin.