Everyone’s love is so unique, so different, so them, and being able to express that fully and have others be witness to it is absolute magic. It’s a feeling that cannot ever be accurately described (especially for a romantic sap like me!)

To love and be loved for your full humanity, for who you are at your core, is such a precious gift. And that deserves to be celebrated in a way that accurately reflects who YOU are as a couple, and the things you enjoy and bond over together—not what society’s idea of a “picture-perfect” wedding is.

Seriously, though!

To be able to love someone fiercely & build an intentional life together is pure art.

Despite what you may have been told… traditional weddings aren’t the only way. 

Your love story, and your forever commitment to each other, should be about you two first and foremost. It can be difficult to put yourself first as a couple, especially with pressure from friends, family, and social media breathing down our backs to have a big wedding celebration.

But at the end of the day, the wedding is just one day of your story. Your marriage is what’s forever. And your love story deserves to be celebrated in a way that accurately reflects who YOU are as partners.

This is why I'm passionate about photographing your special day and making sure your custom vision really comes to life.

As your photographer, it’s super important to me that I never put you and your partner into a box of who you think you’re supposed to be in front of the camera, or how other couples look on their wedding day.

It’s super important to me that the couples I work with do the same for me.

I am a human first before I am a photographer. I’m a business-owner, but I am a part of my business. I want to make my business personal because it freaking is. There’s more to me than my camera. I’m a cat mom and a travel enthusiast. I love plants, pop culture, proud enneagram 7, a nurturing soul, a big idea visionary, and I’m a jokester through and through.

For me to best serve you as your photographer, I need to tend to and honor my full scope of humanity first and foremost.

This is why I care so much about people whom I get to photograph: because it’s personal, and you deserve a photo experience that is unique to you.

I’m committed to honoring the full scope of humanity in my business:
both yours, and my own.

In a world where everything is about moving faster, getting ahead, and always striving for more, I like to shake things up a bit by living as intentionally as possible.

So much of life goes missed, unrecognized, or underappreciated when we focus on moving as quickly as possible. And truthfully, I’m not here for it.

There’s something so beautiful about slowing down to move with intention and refusing to rush through experiences. I believe your wedding day should be the same: time for you and your person to slow down and embrace your love for what it is: meaningful, playful, and uniquely YOU.

I'm a photographer who’s a big fan of living intentionally & EmbRACING YOUR UNIQUENESS.

I'm Mary!



Planning your wedding or elopement? YAY!! I’d love to capture your day!

Capturing your unique essence, without harming your humanity or the environment

Putting your needs & your vision first every step of the process

Encouraging you to be comfortable to show up as you are & never putting you in a box

Being mindful to do everything with intention, from planning your session to curating your day & editing your gallery

As your photographer, I promise to capture your intimate wedding or elopement by…

How I can support you:


Whether you’re planning an intimate wedding or an elopement, I'll help you out by making sure your custom vision comes to life and photographing your once in a lifetime wedding experience.

Wedding & Elopement




A personal photo collection from all my travel trips for your enjoyment and/or inspiration. All photos are available to print with free shipping.

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What's next after a wedding? This is it. An immersive & intimate photography experience for folks who want to capture their life in this moment in time—for exactly what it is—so it can live on forever.

Family Documentary


Black Lives Matter (and always) and all bodies are beautiful, which is why my editing is true-to-color to suit all skin tones.


I validate your wild nontraditional weddings. Your unique love story deserves to be celebrated in a way that accurately reflects who YOU are as partners.


I prioritize your consent for couple portraits and value experience way more than perfection.


LGBTQ+ individuals should have the right to respect and full equality.  I'm here to affirm your love stories through beautiful imagery.



Remember how I said I’m A humAn First?

Here are some fun & quirky details about me!

…I’d want to be a veterinarian. My next goal in life to become a consistent foster cat parent. Folks have told me that they got a cat because of me - what can I say, I can be persuasive, ha.

If I weren’t a photographer…

my second foster kitty!

Fact #1

I'm a proud first generation immigrant! I used to grew up in Indonesia for the first 15 years of my life! This is where I met my current partner aka the love of my life, actually.

I grew up in Indonesia

I grew up in Bali too!

Fact #2

Speaking of meeting my partner, we have been in long distance relationship for years now! He's the most perfect person for me and he's the "calm" to my chaotic self. We got engaged last year in a coziest dinner party with 25 close friends!

My love story in 3 sentences

Fact #3

photo from our intimate engagement party :)

I personally don't like counting how many countries I've been to at whatever age I am in because qualities matter more than quantities. This is why I prefer longer duration , at least two weeks, when travelling abroad. 

My Travel Style

Fact #4

I hiked the Acatenango Volcano in Guatemeala

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines! Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover!" - Not Mark Twain, but H. Jackson Brown Jr.'s 1991 book called P.S. I Love You.

A quote I live by is…

Fact #5

I have SO many interests and hobbies! I love watching movies and performing arts; travelling; playing Sudoku; doing reformer pilates; and researching about slow fashion/slow living lifestyle. I pick up new hobbies here and there.

My interests are...

Fact #6


If you feel like our values and outlook on life align, I’d love to chat about your upcoming intimate wedding or elopement!!

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Mary Andrikus is a Kentucky & destination wedding, elopement & family photographer. Mary strives to create photography experience that you can relax into.

Mary believes that Black Lives matter and always; all bodies are beautiful; and LGBTQ+ individuals should have the right to respect and full equality. Mary does not and shall not discriminate folks of any race, body size, ability, gender identity, creed, sexual orientation, age, religions and national origin.