An immersive & intimate photography experience for folks who want to capture their life in this moment in time—for exactly what it is—so it can live on forever

Photography experience that your kids and/or partner can relax into.

So much of life today has become about doing more, striving for better, and moving faster.

But this philosophy and way of living just isn’t for everyone.

There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with the traditional way of living, loving, and being—there can be a lot of beauty found here, too! But, I can’t help but feel more drawn to the folks who reject the status quo and live life in their own way.

Just like the movies, I believe all good things in life should NOT be rushed: delicious meals, deep conversation, and especially love.

The love you and your partner share is unlike anyone else’s. It’s an experience nobody else will ever fully understand except for the two of you.

Your wedding day should be a unique experience that you two share together, doing exactly what you want to do. No stress, no pressure, no obligations. Just the two of you, celebrating your love.

This is why I love intimate weddings and elopements—because they’re all about authentic experiences focused on who you are at your core as a couple.

Slow. Steady. Intentional. Beautifully them.

There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with the traditional way of living, loving, and being—there can be a lot of beauty found here, too! But, I can’t help but feel more drawn to the folks who reject the status quo and live life in their own way.

Your wedding day is just that—ONE day. (Or, maybe a weekend, if you do things differently 😉). Marriage is so much more than the day you say, “I do.” And there’s still SO much life to be lived and captured after that one, magical day.

Why? Because it’s not just about the love you share with your partner—it’s also your love for your friends, family, pets, hobbies, and yourself.

That’s what I’m here to capture for you.

But what comes after the wedding?

Whether it be your wedding day or “just another day” at home, there are tons of small, seemingly insignificant moments that go unseen and forgotten by most. Which is a shame, really, because these are often the moments that make up our lives. Without them, we would be incomplete.

I consider photography my superpower. It allows me to stop time for all kinds of people. Those celebrating huge milestones, like your wedding, and those just going about their daily lives.

Hey, friend! I’m Mary, a photographer who’s passionate about finding beauty in unexpected places.

Capturing your life is an absolute dream and honor. Let’s co-create magic together!!

From celebrating huge milestones to simply wanting to find magic in the mundane, time is scarce and fleeting. Life doesn’t start or stop with the words “I do.” As incredible as marriage is, your life is worth documenting outside of it, too.

 There’s SO much beauty to be found in the stereotypical “boring” or “unforgettable” moments, because it’s often these that make up the story of our lives.

Because it’s not just your wedding day that deserves to be preserved for life in photographs—it’s your everyday life, too. 

This is not a traditional photo session.
This is more than that.


Perfect for those who want to have it all and love variety in your photo session. You will get me for a total four hours which can be split into two sessions within the same day to allow you with breaks + rest.  Examples of what this looks like for you:

  • The first session is to create photos at your home and your session session is followed by an evening date at the city getting ice cream/anywhere adventurous
  • The first session can be with your kids/pets and the second one can be just the two of you or solo portraits
  • The first session can be documentary and the second session is for weird/funky/creative photo session

The ideas for this combo session is unlimited and I will help you creating the perfect day that fits your vision and needs.



150+ high resolution photos uploaded in a professional gallery.

35mm film photos are included

Sneak peek: 1 week.
Full gallery turnaround: 5 weeks

Unlimited access to me for consultation via email and two phone/video calls for planning

You'll also walk away with: 

An immersive and intimate photography experience for four hours to capture your life exactly as it is, so your memories can live on forever.

You, Here, Now.


If you want a quick photo session, this package is for you! You will have me for up to two hours. I recommend you to choose ONE sentimental location (e.g. your favorite coffee shop, picnic at the park, your home) or one generic area (e.g. OTR, Cincinnati Downtown). If you do want two separate locations, make sure they're close to each other as travel time is included within your package or choose the Combo Sessions Day for your optimal comfort!



60+ high resolution photos uploaded in a professional gallery.

35mm film photos are included

Sneak peek: 1 week.
Full gallery turnaround: 3 weeks

Unlimited access to me for consultation via email

You'll also walk away with:

A compact photography experience for up to two hours.

Are you ready to stop time and savor the moment?

You’ll receive your final gallery of images 5 weeks (by the latest) after the day of your photo session. The images are yours to use however you’d like!


Get Your Gallery

YAY! It’s shooting day! We’ll meet at your sentimental locations of choice at the agreed-upon time and get to capturing your authentic selves. Come as you are—I’ll take care of the rest!



Once everything’s signed, sealed, & delivered, I’ll send you a questionnaire to understand your vision for your photoshoot. I offer a final consultation call closer to the date to finalize the details.


Questionnaires & Planning

I'll send over your contract & invoice for the 50% retainer to reserve your date!


Book Your Date & Sign Your Contract

I’m happy to set up a vibe check call to discuss your vision, however, this is optional. I answer my emails quickly so you can ask any questions you may have via email.


Schedule a Vibe Check Call (Optional)

I’m so honored to do this special session for you! Contact me directly to reserve your date. I’ll contact you back within 2 business days to get you set up!


Get in Touch!

My goal is to make the entire process as simple and stress-free as possible for you, so you can actually enjoy the planning process of our co-creating magic session.


“Mary ensured my needs and wants were met every step of the way. She reached out to see what kind of vibe I wanted to capture for my photoshoot, scouted the perfect place for a backdrop & made me feel at ease. She puts a lot of work into making sure her clients are comfortable and captured authentically. The end result were photos that felt very *me*. I'm usually a bit nervous in front of the camera but Mary made the experience fun & relaxing. It was confidence-boosting!”

Kind word:



"Mary was the perfect photographer for my wedding! She was so professional and took special care to clarify our aesthetic preferences. Everything she did had a personal touch, including delivering prints of the film photos herself! I can't recommend her enough and am so happy with how my photos turned out."

Kind word:


"Mary is sweet, professional, *talented* and her eye for special moments was oh so spot on. Our wedding was so lovingly encapsulated in rich, skillfully designed and lovingly captured pictures. Moments between friends and family and the details and the excitement and the joy- everything all came rushing back."

Kind word:

Where real life becomes frozen in time...

When we slow down to enjoy the present moment for exactly what it is, we’re practicing living more mindfully and intentionally with ourselves and our loved ones. Take a peek at some of my favorite moments I’ve been able to pause for my clients, so they can relive them for years to come!


Absolutely! No travel fee for locations within 45 minutes of the Greater Cincinnati areas. Travel within 3 hours drive from the Greater Cincinnati areas cost additional $100 unless I'm already in your area. Contact me for more details if my travel requires a flight/overnight stay.

Yes, you can! Keep in mind though that the pricing only include up to four family members (including your pets!). If you want to add more people into the mix, it will be an additional $25/person.

Great question! This is NOT an all-day photoshoot where I tell you to pose every hour. Our session together will be spent enjoying yourself, exploring and having a good time that feels right for you.

These are examples on how we can potentially fill our time together:
— Doing things that you want and also doing routine things to you: playing music, dancing, writing, doing arts, etc.
— Having a cozy home session and making something magical in your backyard.
— Going on dates to new places or any meaningful locations to you.
— Feeling like you’re the main character of your own movie (because you are) while having me document the whole thing.

Anything real. Anything creative. Anything mundane. Anything that you want - I want our session to feel nostalgic for years to come.

I will be more likely to be available on weekdays (Monday - Thursday) as I have limited availability on weekends (Friday - Sunday). This session can be booked on weekdays at anytime but can only be booked on weekends within three months of booking’s date due to wedding schedules. 

A non-refundable retainer of 50% is due to reserve your session. After that, the remaining balance will be due a month before your session date. However, I’m happy to discuss other payment plan options if needed. Accessibility is very important to me!

Let's stop time & savor the moment of your magical life.
You, Here, Now.

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While I have you...

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Mary Andrikus is a Kentucky & destination wedding, elopement & family photographer. Mary strives to create photography experience that you can relax into.

Mary believes that Black Lives matter and always; all bodies are beautiful; and LGBTQ+ individuals should have the right to respect and full equality. Mary does not and shall not discriminate folks of any race, body size, ability, gender identity, creed, sexual orientation, age, religions and national origin.