Stunning Elopement at Hideaway Falls in Red River Gorge, Kentucky


October 31, 2023

When planning their wedding day, Kat and Trista wanted to elope in the most intimate way in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky. The couple found a cozy cabin nestled in the Daniel Boone National Forest with access to the stunning waterfalls called Hideaway Falls. They instantly knew that this was going to be their location for an intimate elopement.

red river gorge elopement

Why They Chose the Red River Gorge and Hideaway Falls

Kat and Trista chose the Red River Gorge for its endless acres of greenery, enchanting forests, picturesque hike trails, and breathtaking waterfalls. This couple is also fun and adventurous, therefore making this destination perfect to showcase their carefree personalities. When they knew their location, the next thing to discover was the lodging. Kat and Trista knew of their tranquil A-frame log overlooking a private waterfall, Hideaway Falls. It was a great piece of land, and it had a hammock. This cabin was practically built for them!

Getting Ready With The Brides

The brides wanted a minimal boho look for their getting-ready photos. They decided to get ready in a studio with natural light, boho decor, and a cozy bed. These elements created beautiful getting-ready portraits. Both of the brides wore whimsical bridal gowns. Kat paired her gown with a veil and a minimal bouquet. Trista kept it simple and just showcased her gown. As time was getting closer to travel to the cabin, the brides put on their best hiking boots for the day ahead.

A Laid-Back Time At The Cabin

Once they arrived at the cabin, the brides wanted to relax before their hike. What better way to wind down than to rock on a hammock? Heck yes! The day was the perfect summer day; the sun was shining, and no clouds were in sight. They were both stress-free and took this blissful moment in. One thing I love about elopements is that you can choose how you want to spend your day.

Romantic Hike To The Ceremony Spot

After some downtime, the couple was re-energized and ready to hike to their ceremony space. We found some open spaces for bride and bride outdoor portraits. Tall trees surrounded them, and the sunlight glistened through the tree branches, making the lighting impeccable. As we continued the hike, the couple found a flat terrain, so we decided to lay a blanket down and take some more romantic, relaxed picnic like portraits.

Intimate Elopement On The Rolling Hills

We reached the top of the rolling hills, and the views were absolutely stunning. When you looked around, there was nothing but trees and blue skies. Kat and Trista read their vows to each other, and it was such a touching moment to capture. After they exchanged their vows, they felt invincible! So what did they want to do? Run on the beautiful hills, of course! These spontaneous moments are what I love capturing. It was pure joy and so authentic.

Waterfall Elopement Inspiration at Hideaway Falls

While we were returning to the cabin, we found a secret waterfall. Kat and Trista wanted to seize the moment and took pictures in the waterfall, and we had a blast! The brides got in the water and started splashing away. Then they went under the waterfall and got soaked! It was refreshing for this summer day. Then we popped some champagne to end this joyous day—these moments we made for some epic photos.

Tips and Tricks To Elope at Hideaway Falls in Red River Gorge

Do you want to elope just like Kat and Trista? Here are tips from an experienced Red River Gorge photographer:

  1. When looking for secluded lodging, check out their Airbnb or cabin rentals If they have a secret forest, viewing, or waterfall to ensure it’s crowd-free! 
  2. Make your elopement your own. Use your personality and energy level to your advantage.
  3. Feel free to get your wedding attire dirty. It will be great fun, and what’s more – you will get authentic photos with great memories! 

Read my Kentucky Elopement Guide. This guide has everything you want to know to have the best elopement!

Are You Ready To Experience Your Red River Gorge For Your Elopement?

Contact me to start planning your intimate elopement and to learn more about my Red River Gorge elopement packages!

Mary Andrikus | Kentucky Elopement Photographer For ALL Couples

View the rest of this intimate elopement at the Red River Gorge below

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