Short Sand Beach Elopement Oregon Coast


October 16, 2023

Short Sand Beach Elopements on the Oregon Coast is one of the dreamiest locations to elope. For this reason, Keihona and Isiah chose this Oregon beach as their elopement destination.

Short Sand Beach Destination Elopement

Oregon is one of the best states in the Pacific Northwest to elope. This state has everything you are looking for in an intimate and adventurous elopement, from the tall trees, the hikes, and the cliff sides to the beaches. One of Oregon’s best beaches is the Short Sand Beach. Short Sand Beach gets a different love than Cannon Beach. However, it offers a more private space and a majestic hike through its giant-grown forests. These elements are precisely why Keihona and Isiah chose this location for their elopement.

An Unconventional Elopement Style

Keihona and Isiah have an eccentric and flashy style, and their ceremony reflects them perfectly. This couple went for an unconventional theme inspired by their love of Dutch culture and art. The ceremony had a driftwood altar with yellow, orange, gold, and warm flowers and decor. Keihona wore a stunning gold gown, and Isiah wore an orange turtle neck with a brown suede suit. Their unique outfits were a great representation of their personalities.

An Easy-Going Ceremony At The Short Sand Beach

Keihona and Isiah’s carefree spirits embodied this ceremony. Choosing a weekday allowed them to have the beach to themselves and made the ceremony feel like a true elopement. They had the entire beach to themselves, and we captured some breathtaking couple portraits on the coast. The atmosphere was candid, romantic, and one-of-a-kind.

Picnic In The Forest

After the ceremony, we headed into the forest for a picnic. This picnic was intimate and romantic; it had a stunning black satin blanket, gold plate, cutlery, and classic candles illuminating the space. The picnic had a charcuterie board with delicious deli meats, cheeses, and fruits. After enjoying the food, the couple enjoyed a smoke and celebrated by popping a bottle of champagne. 

Tips On Eloping On The Oregon Coast

Do you want to elope on the Oregon Coast like Keihona and Isiah? If you answered yes, here are some tips to make your elopement come to life: 

  1. Weekdays are your friend. I always recommend weekday elopements because they’ll be more intimate, and you’ll have the best portraits with no people in the background. 
  2. Be mindful of the month you’re eloping in. This couple eloped in March and were accustomed to the chilly weather. But if you want a slower season with fewer crowds, I recommend packing layers. 
  3. Don’t be afraid of color! One of the hottest trends for weddings is color. You know that saying, “Be Bright. Be Bold. Be You”? Please do it. Make this day your own and stand out!
  4. I highly recommend hiring a professional florist and photographer to capture the most authentic essence of your vision in decor and photos. You will not regret it. 

Are you looking for more tips on how to elope in Oregon? Check out my guide on everything you need about eloping in this beautiful state.

Final Thoughts

This elopement was filled with bright colors, unconventional themes, and, most of all, love. Keihona and Isiah embodied the types of couples I enjoy shooting – the ones who are adventurous, playful, unique, and not afraid to push the boundaries of tradition. It was such an honor capturing their elopement at the Short Sand Beach on the Oregon Coast. 

If you want your elopement captured in a playful, intentional, and passionate way, contact me today to start making this a reality

     Mary Andrikus | Oregon Elopement Photographer

View their entire Oregon Coast Elopement below

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