Girl Trip No. 012 Review


April 8, 2022

On March 11-14th, 2022, I went to my first Girl Trip at Neskape Beach House located in Neskowin, Oregon. This post talks about my review after attending the GirlTrip.

This is my background and why I wanted to come to this trip:

  • I came in as a stranger, not knowing anybody from the trip.
  • The past two years (2020-2021) felt so lonely, secluding and traumatizing from experiencing fear all year long.
  • I was burned out by the traditional church setting for many different reasons.
  • I wanted to find a new community of supportive women and also to rest.

And my oh my, Girl Trip fulfilled that wish: to find new friends & to rest.

A week later after Girl Trip, I still cannot believe it was real. It felt like a dream, but that is because the world is so flawed and my experience at this trip was so…perfect. It was healing and welcoming.

I was so loved and taken care of by this incredible group of women.

I never made a connection and had a deep conversation so quickly with a group of people, but I did so during Girl Trip. As someone who is reserved in a group, it is not a common occasion for me to open up so quickly, if not ever. This show how easy it is for Girl Trip to make me feel safe.

We nurtured each other. We worshipped. We laughed. We made heavenly scented candles. We shared our stories without anyone’s judgment. We rested together and alone. We cried. We prayed for one another. And we loved each other so deeply, in the span of four days at the most beautiful space in the Oregon coast.

This weekend was so heavenly and I will treasure this weekend forever in my heart. I feel so blessed (and very lucky) to be given the opportunity to experience this “heaven on earth” weekend. 

Girl Trip – Thank you so much for giving me (and the rest of women) the space to heal and be loved. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

All photos were photographed by Emily Magers.

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